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LED Video Wall School Signage - CUBE LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall School Signage

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Case Study, Video Walls

Have you been given the responsibility of coming up with ways to improve your school?
The major consensus at your school might be to believe that school signage is simply a practical necessity that helps pupils and visitors make their way around the school. While this might be true, technology has evolved to give you even bigger, better and more versatile options to do this.

When people arrive at your school, the school signs are often the very first thing people see when they arrive. They are a messaging platform that gives you a chance to reflect your school’s ethos, reinforce your branding, give a warm welcome and set the tone before someone has even stepped foot through your school gates.


Today we’ll explore some examples of how to get creative with school signage.

Start with the mindset that the sky’s the limit:

When was the last time your school performed a school signage audit? While your to do list might be inundated with “business as usual” activities, acknowledging school signage should be reviewed annually. School signage can do wonders for your image and reputation and make students and teachers proud to be part of a progressive school. It forms part of your school’s visual aesthetic so attention to detail is key.

We have installed large LED video walls to create modern entrances, fresh wayfinding signs, smart welcome banners and wall fixtures that share a school’s motto, vision and values. Feedback from our clients suggest that video wall installations are immensely uplifting for pupils and teachers. Whilst outdoor video wall signage has proved to be impactful for school inspectors, new teachers and parents attending Open Days to choose their perfect school.

Safety first messaging

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more critical than ever to keep students and staff safe within your school grounds. At AV Media Systems and CUBE Led Video Walls, we’re being inundated with requests for school safety signs as pupils start returning to school after the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Your school signage platform can be exciting and visually engaging. The more attractive and eye-catching your design, the more likely people will take notice and heed the instructions. Safety signs can be used on your walls, doors, windows and floors.

Pupils may need some help getting to grips with new social distancing rules at school and an increased focus on handwashing and hygiene. You might also have new procedures for grouped evacuations in the event of an emergency or new protocols for traveling between lessons. It’s very important to update any safety signs with specific advice about Covid-19 to protect students and staff.

Take a walk like it’s your first day of school

The best way to review your school signage is to mimic the journey that a visitor might take upon arriving at your school.

  • Start at your school gates – what kind of welcome do you receive at this point?
  • Make your way to the school office – are directions clear and easy to follow?
  • Are wayfinding signs clean, up to date and branded with your school colours and logo?
  • Take a look at the walls around your reception area – are they bright, warm and welcoming?
  • Do your school hallways guide students between lessons and provide inspiration for learning, curiosity and motivation?

This simple exercise can help give an objective view of whether your school signs are working for you, or whether they need a makeover.

Think outdoor video walls

As Spring begins and the warmer months settle in, schools are turning to the outdoors for their school signs. We have created outdoor signage to hide unsightly views, improve privacy for pupils and create a sense of calm as people enter your school.

You can set the tone of your images, you can choose to incorporate images of trees, flowers, greenery and wildlife mixed with some colourful fonts and messaging will breathe new life into your school fence. Or, you can keep it super simple by showcasing your school values. This can serve as a reminder to pupils when they arrive at school each day. They can also reassure parents that their children are in a nurturing environment that’s focused on their wellbeing and development.

Advantages of Digital Signage over Static Signage

Be it the attractive visual treat that digital signages provide, their cost-effectiveness, or their ability to adapt to the rising demands of any business, dynamic signages are being seen as the real game-changers in the way information is communicated with the customers. Visual images create a stronger connection in the mind of the onlookers resulting in a longer-lasting impact than a static image.

Cost Reduction

Digital signages give you the freedom that print or static signages can never do. They can be updated infinitely, ultimately saving you a huge amount of production cost that businesses have to incurs for static signages. Furthermore, it is quite easy to design digital signages as there are ample templated options available that even people with no design expertise can utilize.

Greater Control

With digital signages, you have complete control over the creation, delivery, and timing of messages. Anyone with basic computer skills can do it with certain content management software that is available online. Other aspects like colors, timings, display on and off can also be controlled through remote access.

Flexible and Reliable

Digital Signage provides greater flexibility in terms of what you wish to display. Your messages can change according to the market needs, time of the day, festivals, seasons, etc, which is not possible with static signs. Your signage or a group of signages can change across multiple locations all at once without having to physically go anywhere.

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Dynamic signages are more attractive to the eyes and their visual appeal amounts to greater viewer engagement. With their ability to display multiple messages, moving images, engaging multimedia, and entertaining content is naturally more viewer engaging as compared to static signs.

Gives Real Boost To Brand

Dynamic signages are modern and high-tech, which in itself elevates a company’s brand image. The better your signages look, the better will be your brand image. Your customers see you through your communication medium, and dynamic signs are just the perfect way to communicate to impress.

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So, you would want to ask what digital signage is? It is a medium through which you transform your business through clear, concise, relevant, attractive, and eye-catching communication. Our eyes and our brain are wired to engage with more visually appealing content. Use of bright and dynamic colors, moving pictures, or attention-grabbing words presented with an emotional bent will never fail to send your message across and impress your customers. 

Dynamic signages provide a wide range of benefits and opportunities to successfully engage with the audience. Their potential is vast and they are easily adaptable to every company’s unique requirements. All you need is the right service provider who can develop immersive spaces for a life-like experience and compel your customers to do business with you. These mesmerizing visual communicators are sure to make a difference in the way people perceive your brand.