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Our world has changed quite rapidly in the last few decades. And digital technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives. In this technologically driven world, the way we communicate has also undergone a sea change. Gone are the days of written and printed modes of communication. Everything is digital now. And why not? Digital provides immense opportunities to communicate a large amount of information in real-time, and that too in a way that is visually appealing and engaging. This is why digital signages have taken over static signage as they provide an infinite capacity of value addition to your business. Even though they might look expensive in the beginning, they prove to be a lot more cost-effective than static signages in the long run. Dynamic signages are extremely creative, give you better control over your content, are more efficient, and can engage a larger demographic of your customer base. 

For their significant benefits, dynamic signages are becoming increasingly more relevant for businesses of all sizes. With the kind of flexibility they offer, as compared to static signages, businesses are discovering whole new dynamics of utilizing digital signages to fuel their business proficiency.

Unlike Static Signages, Dynamic Signages Can Also be Used For –

Promotional Activities

Dynamic signages are a great medium to feature promotions for events, services, products, and sales. Their multimedia components like videos, animation, moving images, product demonstrations, live testimonials, etc can increase customer engagement. Their ease of installation and flexible nature makes it possible to use them at various places for direct customer viewing.

Emergency or Contingency Plans

One of the most important usages of dynamic signages is displaying exit and contingency plans. Most buildings are laced with static exit plans that are confusing and unclear. And these won’t provide sufficient information in case of an emergency. But dynamic signage boards can display moving images to explain the correct exit plans and what steps should be taken in case of an emergency.

Go Beyond Advertising

Dynamic signages don’t always have to be used for advertising alone. They can also be used to interact with the viewers differently by using inspirational quotes, good morning messages, thoughts of the day, etc. This will create a more positive environment on the premises. Offices, retail shops, gyms and fitness centres, and other similar venues where customers walk-in can make effective use of digital displays.

Interactive Forms and Games

One of the best features of dynamic signages is that they can be used in multiple ways. They can be installed in public places like malls displaying different interactive content that customers can engage with. It could be different kinds of forms where viewers can fill up their preferences and surveys or give their reviews. This will also provide businesses with important customer information that can be used for developing a robust marketing strategy.One of the best features of dynamic signages is that they can be used in multiple ways. They can be installed in public places like malls displaying different interactive content that customers can engage with. It could be different kinds of forms where viewers can fill up their preferences and surveys or give their reviews. This will also provide businesses with important customer information that can be used for developing a robust marketing strategy.

Social Media, Live Streams, and News Posts

Putting up video walls or similar dynamic signages that are integrated with social media or live streaming platforms is a great way of engaging your customers. They can be used in offices or at other public places. You can integrate your social media pages with the signages displaying your identity. You can also stream your events live to create better brand awareness.

Dynamic Calendars and Event Scheduling

Industries like hospitality, healthcare, schools and colleges, offices, entertainment zones and parks, etc can utilize digital signages to create calendars to display important content. You can post upcoming events, appointment details, working hours, customer review forms, daily activities, etc, and make your signages informative.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Mounting video walls or digital signages at different common areas in the office will help in better employee engagement. They can be used to leverage employee achievements, important messages, memos, or even noteworthy events regarding the company for everyone to see together. This will create a positive environment and stronger employee bonding.

Display Exciting Service Offerings

Be it video walls or digital screens, dynamic signages can be used at retail shops, salons, fitness centres, restaurants and cafes, and other similar venues where businesses can display their service offerings interestingly and dynamically.

Maps and Directories

As businesses change in a rapidly evolving environment, static maps are no more relevant. With digital signages, you can display dynamic maps that give real-time information to visitors. These can be used at different premises of your office, malls, shops, gyms, fun parks, and any other facilities where walking-ins are commonplace.

Difference Between Digital & Static Signage?

“For all these exciting visual options that dynamic signages provide, several industries that connect directly with the customers daily have adapted to digital signages”

The main and the most significant difference between static and dynamic signage is that digital signages use LED backlights to display information, while static signages are printed. The very basics of how the two are made give digital signages a clear upper hand over static ones as they are more vibrant and use eye-catching displays to attract people’s attention. Static signages can never be as vibrant and exciting as their dynamic counterparts. The colours are less sharp, there are no moving animations or special graphic effects to catch the audience’s attention and only one kind of information can be displayed at any given point in time. Whereas, dynamic signs can display a variety of information with changing screens and graphics that are more attractive to the eyes.

Advantages of Digital Signage over Static Signage

Be it the attractive visual treat that digital signages provide, their cost-effectiveness, or their ability to adapt to the rising demands of any business, dynamic signages are being seen as the real game-changers in the way information is communicated with the customers. Visual images create a stronger connection in the mind of the onlookers resulting in a longer-lasting impact than a static image.

Cost Reduction

Digital signages give you the freedom that print or static signages can never do. They can be updated infinitely, ultimately saving you a huge amount of production cost that businesses have to incurs for static signages. Furthermore, it is quite easy to design digital signages as there are ample templated options available that even people with no design expertise can utilize.

Greater Control

With digital signages, you have complete control over the creation, delivery, and timing of messages. Anyone with basic computer skills can do it with certain content management software that is available online. Other aspects like colors, timings, display on and off can also be controlled through remote access.

Flexible and Reliable

Digital Signage provides greater flexibility in terms of what you wish to display. Your messages can change according to the market needs, time of the day, festivals, seasons, etc, which is not possible with static signs. Your signage or a group of signages can change across multiple locations all at once without having to physically go anywhere.

Enhanced Viewer Engagement

Dynamic signages are more attractive to the eyes and their visual appeal amounts to greater viewer engagement. With their ability to display multiple messages, moving images, engaging multimedia, and entertaining content is naturally more viewer engaging as compared to static signs.

Gives Real Boost To Brand

Dynamic signages are modern and high-tech, which in itself elevates a company’s brand image. The better your signages look, the better will be your brand image. Your customers see you through your communication medium, and dynamic signs are just the perfect way to communicate to impress.

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So, you would want to ask what digital signage is? It is a medium through which you transform your business through clear, concise, relevant, attractive, and eye-catching communication. Our eyes and our brain are wired to engage with more visually appealing content. Use of bright and dynamic colors, moving pictures, or attention-grabbing words presented with an emotional bent will never fail to send your message across and impress your customers.

Dynamic signages provide a wide range of benefits and opportunities to successfully engage with the audience. Their potential is vast and they are easily adaptable to every company’s unique requirements. All you need is the right service provider who can develop immersive spaces for a life-like experience and compel your customers to do business with you. These mesmerizing visual communicators are sure to make a difference in the way people perceive your brand.