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Impress your audience with the CUBE LED Video Wall designed just for Meeting Rooms 

We work with businesses of all sizes across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and beyond, creating customised LED Video Wall solutions so your business can thrive in any corporate environment. Whether you want a reception area with wow factor, be able to communicate messages remotely we create solutions with our CUBE LED Video Wall that our clients can be proud of. 


Not only are CUBE LED Video Walls  extremely efficient in communicating with your clients, but they are designed in different sizes and can be used in different spaces. The CUBE LED Video Wall offers a high degree of customizability. Depending on the workplace environment, they can display any information and even alter the space’s ambience. They are also reliable and energy-efficient displays that last for a long time. Some of the benefits of the CUBE Led Video Wall includes:

Large Conference & Boardrooms
Fitting out your large conference room or Boardroom with the latest LED Video wall won’t help if people don’t know how to use it. We design a user-friendly experience for you. If you need to post instructions or show video content in a large room, a digital display will be more versatile and look more professional than a note taped to the wall. The CUBE LED Video walls are a great choice for businesses who want to wow with the best video quality out there.

Large Promotional Screens
CUBE LED Video Walls have successfully replaced stationary boards for promotions as they provide ample options for advertisers to use dynamic content and images to attract their audience’s attention. As a promotional tool, they work well due to their size and quality to grab eyeballs and display creative messages and video in an attractive manner.

Immersive Presentation

Use the CUBE Led Video Wall to display your message in mesmerising attention-grabbing graphics to elevate the performances of your message.

Live Information

Display corporate signage, welcome message or display community messages with the CUBE Led Video Wall. Your reception visitors won’t miss anything that way.

Remote Messaging Simplified

Now you can display important information to your visitors with just a few clicks.

Bolster Visibility

Wow visitors with big screen video content so that no one has to miss any of the exciting moments.



We have designed and installed hundreds of CUBE LED Video Wall installations throughout Australia. Designing your CUBE LED Video Wall project from start to end is only part of what we do. Our highly proficient team can design and install some of the most technically challenging custom indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls and LED Billboards.

It can seem intimidating to install digital signage at your venue. After all, there are numerous factors to account for – placement, lighting, size, shape, resolution, and power consumption. 

With a vast array of offerings at your disposal, we make the selection process simple. The CUBE Led Video Wall is widely recognised and trusted across Australia by clients in a diverse range of spaces in particular, education sectors throughout Melbourne and Sydney. 

From start to end, we can help you create the perfect custom video wall for your retail store –

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If you’re considering this for your business, get in touch with us today so we can understand your needs and come up with a solution that suits you.


We love answering questions and helping people through the installation process! We understand it can be a daunting task to undertake so trust in us to make the project effortless. We can help you create an immersive and impressive atmosphere with our CUBE Led digital signage wall solution. The applications are limitless and can be used indoors, outdoors or any other space that strikes your fancy. Let our industry acclaimed CUBE Led Video Wall installation team assist with your project.