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AV Media Systems has developed the CUBE Led Video Wall which is exclusive to AV Media Systems. A lot goes into making a CUBE Led Video Wall which is why we have developed this reference guide on our CUBE Led Video Wall Technology.

The CUBE Led Video Wall offers huge benefits in commercial applications due to the seamless and modular nature of the technology and its capability to operate in challenging environments. No other display technology on the market has the ability to provide such superior quality, impact and scale more so than the CUBE Led Video Wall.

At AV Media Systems we pride ourselves on educating all of our clients so that they feel confident in their decision. Trust that we will make the entire implementation process run smoothly from start to finish.

Click here to download our technology guide.


Courtenay Gardens Primary School

Foxwell State Secondary School

Sunshine College West Campus

Burwood Dental Centre

Dior DJ’s LED

Grown Alchemists



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