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Impress your audience with the CUBE LED Video Wall designed just for Meeting Rooms 

From their first encounter with your organisation or brand, your customers / visitors deserve to receive an incredible customer experience that will leave a lasting impression. With the CUBE LED Video Wall panels, you can create artistic shapes that do more than just say ‘Welcome, or tell people what’s going on’. With the CUEB LED Video Walls, you are not tied down to the traditional flat, rectangular video wall canvas.

The road to designing the perfect lobby video wall experience can be overwhelming… designing, budgeting, implementing, project managing… etc.We understand the challenging aspects of the implementation experience, so we take the time to ensure we approach each job with care and ensure that we educate our customers in a way that speaks to every level of technical knowledge.

What’s also great about our CUBE LED video wall solutions is that they are low-maintenance, high-value return, and long-lasting. We have been doing Audio Visual lobby integrations since we first opened over 22 years ago. We work with businesses of all sizes across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and beyond, creating customised solutions so your business can thrive in any working environment.



Do More Than Just Welcome

Arguably the most important thing to consider with a lobby space is what kind of message you want to send to the people who walk into your corporate lobby. Do you want a Lobby to display basic content such as employee information, visitor welcoming messages, or maybe you’re looking for an experiential lobby that creates an inspiring experience to reflect the high standards of your brand? Whatever you want to do, we love bringing ideas to life… even if they have never been done before.

High Definition LED Video
It makes a remarkable impression on your visitors and customers with stunning, high-definition video walls. More and more, CUBE LED video walls are engaging visitors with adaptable, dynamic content.
Plus, with the CUBE Led Video Wall, you are able to separate displays within the video wall into multiple zones to show different content on specific zones.

Delight and Amaze
It will elevate your building’s profile especially if you couple the video tech with high-end content, that’s an eye-catching centerpiece. Not only are digital signages extremely efficient in communicating with your customers, but they are also available in different types and can be used in different spaces. Think of a digital waterfall so realistic that some complain about water waste but then are stunned when they realize they’ve been had.

Immersive Presentation

Use the CUBE Led Video Wall to display your message in mesmerising attention-grabbing graphics to elevate the performances of your message.

Live Information

Display community messages with the CUBE Led Video Wall. Your audiences won’t miss anything that way.

Remote Messaging Simplified

Now you can display important information to your visitors with just a few clicks.

Bolster Visibility

Wow audiences with big screen video content so that no one has to miss any of the exciting moments.



We have designed and installed hundreds of CUBE LED Video Wall installations throughout Australia. Designing your CUBE LED Video Wall project from start to end is only part of what we do. Our highly proficient team can design and install some of the most technically challenging custom indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls and LED Billboards.

It can seem intimidating to install digital signage at your venue. After all, there are numerous factors to account for – placement, lighting, size, shape, resolution, and power consumption. 

With a vast array of offerings at your disposal, we make the selection process simple. The CUBE Led Video Wall is widely recognised and trusted across Australia by clients in a diverse range of spaces in particular, education sectors throughout Melbourne and Sydney. 

From start to end, we can help you create the perfect custom video wall for your retail store –

  • 21+ Years of Experience
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If you’re considering this for your business, get in touch with us today so we can understand your needs and come up with a solution that suits you.


We love answering questions and helping people through the installation process! We understand it can be a daunting task to undertake so trust in us to make the project effortless. We can help you create an immersive and impressive atmosphere with our CUBE Led digital signage wall solution. The applications are limitless and can be used indoors, outdoors or any other space that strikes your fancy. Let our industry acclaimed CUBE Led Video Wall installation team assist with your project.