To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Paul and his team at AV Media Systems. I have been very pleased with their work, customer service and support, despite many challenges that COVID threw at us along the way.

At Coliban Water AV Media Systems has installed an integrated Microsoft Teams video conferencing solution with an extremely easy to use “BYOD” / non-Teams presentation solution added on. The Teams solution uses the Crestron Flex / Ms Teams system and the Barco Clickshare system forms the BYOD solution that lets us easily present any content from outside of the Teams eco system and from any device.

The system is extremely easy and quite intuitive to use – so much so that before my team had time to get some “how to use” posters up, several groups of people had already successfully held meetings using the equipment with no guidance.

To use the system, in a nut shell, all that is required is for someone to invite the Teams meeting room to the Teams meeting in Outlook and then once the meeting time has arrived, walk into the room and touch the “begin meeting” button on the wall mounted touch screen. This immediately and automatically turns on the screens, room camera, microphones etc and the meeting can commence with people joining the meeting from outside as normal. The people from outside then see and hear everyone in the room, represented by the “RoomName” attendee in the meeting.

At this stage we have 1 very large room and 1 smaller room setup using different Microphone, Audio and Visual hardware to suit the room size – as proofs of concept. The user experience in both rooms is identical and seamless. The audio and video quality at both ends of the conversation is excellent with voices coming over as quite natural and certainly clear – regardless of where people are sitting in the room. In the larger room, if someone presents their screen in Teams (people can, if they wish, bring their laptops in and join the meeting as normal, though just mute their Mics to prevent feedback) the screen share shows on the RHS screen whereas the Teams meeting / people participating continue to show on the LHS screen. This is great as it allows the people in the room to still see who they are talking with outside of the room while also clearly seeing the shared content on the other screen.

I probably cannot speak highly enough of the end to end process dealing with Paul and his team and the quality of the equipment and user experience the solution enables. I am well known to be quite particular on quality and as you say, rolling out any AV solution to an entire business is a very significant undertaking. AV media systems has certainly delivered on a top notch system backed by top notch service. Coliban Water is now proceeding with deploying this solution across the remainder of our 10 or so meeting rooms and we are looking forward to enabling our mixed workforce to collaborate easier.

Eric W | IT Operations Manager

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