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All products and services require marketing to reach their potential customers. So, if you are thinking of how to improve your marketing, digital signages are the answer. Digital signages for marketing involves displaying your products/services-related content in various forms and media. They are then strategically placed at a location where a maximum number of potential customers can see them. Some of the most commonly used areas for marketing include buildings, malls, outdoor walls, billboards, reception walls, lightboxes, shopping centres, etc. Such locations are mostly used for large digital signages. The smaller ones can be placed on in-store display boards, and menus, etc. 

The kind of freedom digital signages provide in curating your content, their larger-than-life visual appeal, the ease of installation, and content management make them a highly-preferred form of a marketing tool that you should include in your marketing strategy.

Here are the reasons why you should include digital signages in your marketing plan:

Provides versatile display solutions

Digital displays are available in a wide range of options. From basic screens to large video walls capable of integrating sophisticated software, there is no limit to what you can do with digital displays. Different industries require different content and visual sensibilities, and digital signages can be utilized to display a wide range of content according to the customer base. For example, retails can use smaller digital screens to display sales, offers, and enticing deals, and the healthcare industry can go for bigger displays to show important information.

Create a wow factor with interactive display options

One of the most successful marketing strategies most advertising agencies use is creating a WOW effect that stuns the viewers with its out-of-the-box content and stand-out visuals. The more striking your display, the longer it will last in your audience’s minds. And dynamic digital displays can do that.

Affordable solutions for wider customer engagement

Digital signages provide a lower per-impression cost as compared to other advertising mediums like TV or radio. Once installed, the content can be changed multiple times without having to pay extra. Moreover, digital signages are always present at a location, while TV and radio ads can be missed if the customer is not paying attention.

Drive impulsive buying

Eye-catching imagery and compelling content of strategically placed digital signage can encourage impulsive buying behaviour in customers. Digital advertising signs can display special offers, discounts, new arrivals, etc., tempting customers to purchase the product. 

Increase sales and customer engagement

One of the primary motives of creating a marketing strategy is to increase sales and customer engagement. Digital signages are masters at doing that. They can be utilized to promote products, services, in-store promotions, create interactive catalogues, and on-screen advertising. 

Providing complete customer experience

Digital signages provide a complete customer experience and expand their knowledge about the product through detailed visuals. Digital signage displaying a ready-to-move apartment with its plush interiors will enable potential home buyers to see themselves in that space. With the effective use of LED Walls, brands can establish an emotional connection with their customers, resulting in a better top-of-the-mind recall.

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Examples of brilliant marketing campaigns where digital signage played a pivotal role:

Digital signages play an important role in marketing campaigns, and there are several examples of this – 

Land Rover’s campaign – See Winters Differently

This British luxury car manufacturer’s brand campaign cleverly used strong content to show that a simple billboard can be as effective if backed by solid messages. This campaign urged people to make the most of what they have. They challenged the idea that one has to remain indoors during winters. Instead, the campaign inspired them to step outdoors and enjoy every moment of life.

Land Rover”, by ArtisticOperations, is licensed under Pixabay License

McDonald’s adoption of digital menus

We know how successful a brand McDonald’s has become globally. They recently invested $6 billion to redesign most of their restaurants in the U.S. This makeover includes upgrades like self-order kiosks, mobile orders and vibrant digital menu boards. The reason is pretty simple digital signages provide ease of ordering, make menu updates quicker, improve customer experience, and boost sales. 

They can be integrated with several interactive and entertaining options for better customer engagement. And McD’s have utilised it to perfection.

Wheelers Hill Secondary College, Australia

There is no doubt that sporting events are best enjoyed on big screens. And Wheelers Hill Secondary College in Australia tapped that potential to perfection by installing a giant video wall in their sporting arena. It immediately added the much-needed WOW factor making the college’s sporting events an instant hit with the students.

Read full case study here.

Timberland – Solve a problem

A successful campaign either shows memorable images, emotional and relatable content or sometimes an idea that solves a persisting issue/problem. And this is what Timberland did with this campaign. They used augmented reality to create virtual fitting rooms where customers could try their clothes on without actually putting them on. The campaign was successful as it solved the customer pain points and showed them an easier way out.

Digital Signages, if used correctly, can take your marketing campaign to new heights. You need the right visuals, engaging content, and display screens that match up to the visuals, content, and location. So, for creating an impactful marketing strategy, choose the Cube Video Wall for the best results.