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Video walls were introduced to the world a few decades ago, and since then, they have changed the way vital information is communicated to the users. They are being used as effective brand marketing tools  in trade shows, educational events, conferences, retail stores, live events, restaurants and cafes, and more as they provide larger-than-life experiences to dazzle the audience. But in this world of information overload, simply placing a video wall wouldn’t be enough to capture the attention of your users. Making your digital video walls more interactive is what you need to stay ahead of the competition, increase your customer base, and reach a wider audience. It is imperative to foster a two-way conversation that enhances communication and brand understanding by providing memorable experiences in today’s competitive business environment.

This is where video walls can make things happen for you. While simply placing it isn’t all that challenging, adding an interactive dimension to them requires addressing many issues – correct integration of hardware and software, strategic planning, content management, screen size, screen placement, and a lot more. In this article, we will tell you everything about how to captivate your audience with an interactive video wall.

Interactions Through API's

Digital signage video walls can be made interactive in many ways, but one of the most effective ways to do it is by using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It is a feature that links an application to the video wall and enables the users to access them, bringing the virtual and physical world together in real-time. It provides the audience with an easy-to-use interface with advanced controls and high-tech interactivity features. With APIs, brands can create video walls that can change content according to who is interacting with them, making it an immersive and highly interactive two-way communication.

Touch or Gesture Based Interactions

Gone are the days when video walls were controlled through desktops. Now, touch and gesture-based technologies have added a whole new dimension to the interactive capabilities of video walls. Gesture-based walls can be interacted with from a distance, giving the viewer a complete view of even a large video wall. On the other hand, Touch-based interactions are a better choice for more delicate, more intimate interactions. But each option has its benefits and disadvantages, and a lot of homework is required to make the right choice.

Where and How Video Wall Installation

Understanding the placement and the amount of space available for installing your video wall displays is essential. It will determine several factors like the size of the wall, its resolution, video pixels, brightness, power and connectivity requirements, etc. The size should be appropriate to the space available. For example, a large video wall in a small space might feel overpowering and distract the audience from your main message. Yet another effective way of captivating the audience is by utilizing unusual aspect ratios. Anything unusual is more eye-catching. So, instead of using the typical 16 to 9 ratio, use an extra-wide ratio like 24 to 9 or 32 to 9. This will stun the audience with its size and impact, giving them a visual image that will remain in their minds for a long time. But also ensure that you use high-quality and high-resolution content as things will be blown to a huge size, and any imperfection will stand out.

Create Best Quality Content

No matter how strong you are on the technical aspects of digital signage video wall installation, things will fall flat unless your content is perfectly curated to your campaign’s tone and motive. Poorly designed content can be a big turn-off for the audience. Ideally, it should be a combination of strong visuals and crisp and concise messages. The text should be readable and convey the message precisely. Place the text in such a way that it doesn’t overlap with the visuals, and follows a hierarchy (with the most important message on the top, and so on). Being bold and creative with the images, having a solid call to action, adding an effective visual punch, and utilizing the white space smartly are other ways to captivate your audience.

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Video walls have emerged as an effective tool for creating impactful marketing campaigns, and they are being used across several industries for various purposes. They can be used for full-screen visuals (in live sports and other events), data communication (at manufacturing units, airports, etc for displaying information), multiple content displays on one screen, interactive communication, and social media integration for marketing campaigns and other similar activities. 

The popularity of video walls for digital signages has increased worldwide for all the benefits they provide. Businesses can utilize them for relaying critical information dynamically and in real-time (corporate offices, airports, conference rooms, educational institutes, emergency centres, security, transportation monitoring centres, etc.). They are easy to install, provide complete control over the content you wish to display and deliver interactive communication resulting in higher user engagement. Their larger-than-life visuals can create lasting impressions and can display multiple types of visual content all at once. Not just that, video walls also provide a lot of flexibility, scalability, and creative freedom. 

Video walls are indeed proving to be the game-changers in the way essential information  is communicated with the target audience. You really need to ensure that the content you relay is impressive, captivating, and to the point. While content is king, choosing the right screens makes a huge difference and can turn good digital signage into memorable. And this is what Cube Video Walls help you do. Their best quality screens create a unique and immersive experience that lasts a lifetime.